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Anquanizia Hall is the founder and CEO of Rosebud Productions, LLC.
Hall is an award-winning director, actor, writer, and singer. She was born and raised in Meridian, MS. After high school, she moved to Los Angeles, CA and studied acting at AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts, where she graduated with honors and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting. After learning and living in the heart of Hollywood, Hall discovered she was more than just an actor. God didn't place a cap upon her creativity nor her gifts, so she put an end to enforcing it upon herself. She's now back in her hometown pushing to awaken change within the arts in her community and teaching actors how to hone their instruments and yield to the character's truth.


My company, Rosebud Productions, and Nostalgic Musiq Productions hosted Meridian's first short film screening starring Meridian's own, "Hollywood in Meridian." It was an astounding red carpet event we all enjoyed and had an amazing life experience! 

FIVE original short films that were screened:







Anquanizia Hall, CEO and Founder of Rosebud Productions, and Randy Ferino Wayne, CEO and founder of Nostalgic Musiq Productions.

Red Carpet Pictures

More Red Carpet pictures by Charles Grant can be found on Nostalgic Musiq Productions.

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